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Our investment philosophy is centered on the belief that active management can add value through security selection, credit research and a focus towards trade execution. Our goal is to ease reliance on interest rate forecasting or credit trends. Our active management seeks to reduce risk and enhance total return regardless of interest rate cycles or credit quality.

IBN Asset Management is relatively new to the scene but is rooted in decades of fixed income investing experience. Our managers average over 20 years of fixed income investing and have effectively navigated many interest rate cycles. There is not much that our team not experienced first‐hand when it comes to bonds.

Due to the types of accounts we manage, our investment style is conservative. Focusing on Government and Investment‐grade Corporate Bonds, our goal is to invest to the client’s time horizon needs, always keeping in mind safety, liquidity and yield. Our portfolios are individually designed and range from enhanced cash to long duration. Realizing every situation is unique is the key to our strategy. We add value in a very transparent sector by focusing on trade execution and maintaining competitive fees. This allows IBN Asset Management to consistently outperform our benchmarks and provide our clients with value in any rate environment.

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