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Make Your Overnight Funds Work For You.

We understand that in today’s world things move quickly, your overnight portfolio is no different. IBN leverages transparency, existing relationships and experience to deliver a solution that works efficiently with your team.
We believe that transparency creates trust. Our value to clients is that we create relationships built on trust, which increases efficiency between IBN and your team.

IBN maintains connections with all major money market providers and utilizes these relationships to offer our clients the most desirable funds on the market, without bias or politics.
For years IBN has enlisted industry veterans and paired their experience with innovative technologies to provide a solution unlike any other.

Increased Efficiency

  • IBN acts as an intermediary between your entity and fund families, which allows IBN to act as much or as little as needed in daily investment duties.

Unbiased Offerings

  • All offerings are presented fairly and equally, allowing your organization to make truly informed decisions based on your needs.

Lower Expenses = Higher Returns

  • IBN will analyze your portfolio for inefficiencies and leverage our relationships with money families to ensure that fees are suitable.

Securities offered through Institutional Bond Network, LLC member FINRA/SIPC
Please read prospectus before investing