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An Innovative Solution For Managing Your Liquidity

Properly managing your entity’s liquid portfolio is a large task. We believe that utilizing the array of tools offered by IBN will help streamline this process and increase efficiency overall.

CashVest+ is a comprehensive analytics, reporting, and compliance platform. Powered by Cachematrix, this online accessible portal offers a suite of features accessible by all members of your investment team.
ThreePlusOne’s Liquidity Analysis tools and reporting paired with the ability to instantly trade funds from any money market provider make CashVest+ an all‐inclusive Liquidity Solution.

Influence Free

  • IBN is not affiliated with any money market providers, giving us the ability to offer all funds without prejudice, unlike many others.

Team Oriented

  • The CashVest+ system is completely customizable. Choose to set trading permissions, track compliance, run reports and more at an individual level.

Comprehensive Solution

  • CashVest+ is more the sum of it’s parts. Bringing all aspects of managing short term cash into a single solution maximizes efficiency for your team and organization.

Securities offered through Institutional Bond Network, LLC member FINRA/SIPC
Please read prospectus before investing