Reach New Heights

Reach New Heights

Committed to your success

Institutional Bond Network believes that your success is paramount. Our goal is to build an investment strategy that becomes a part of that success. We work to become a part of our client’s team where they can easily access our resources and expertise to accomplish any task. Our strategies are unique and proprietary but tested and measurable.

Headquartered in Southern California, IBN is a registered Broker/Dealer.

Our principals have an average of 25 years’ experience specializing in fixed income trading, institutional bond sales, and proceeds management.

While IBN got it’s start specializing in Debt Service Reserve Fund investment, we have shifted our focus outward to include all bond proceeds, fixed income trading and short term portfolios. Our strategies are measurable and repeatable and are backed by years of experience.

Most issuers of tax-free bonds—from the smallest school district to the largest state—know something about arbitrage rebate. That is, they must repay the federal government for any earnings above the average yield paid to investors.

In turbulent times, there is no substitute for experience. Our investment philosophy is backed by years of investment know-how. IBN has built an accomplished team who, paired with IBN’s strategic direction, has the capacity to navigate unpredictable markets.