ernaion IBN Bonds - A Fixed Income Group

Privacy Policy

The following describes how Institutional Bond Network, LLC “IBN” handles your personal information, and the steps we take to protect your privacy. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and con dentiality while serving your account(s). If we make any changes in the way we use or disseminate con dential information, we will notify you. If you close your account with us or otherwise become a former customer, we will continue to treat your non-public personal information as described in this policy.

Sources of Information. In order to ful ll our obligations in handling your account, we will receive non-public personal information about you such as your name, address, social security number and date of birth. This information may be obtained from:

  • New account applications or documents
  • Consumer reporting services and third party providers we consult with in order to verify your identity
  • Other sources, such as your bank or a previous brokerage firm and personal interviews

Accessing & Safeguarding Your Information. Access to customer information is authorized for IBN business purposes only. IBN requires employees who have access to customer information to protect it and keep it con dential. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal standards to guard your non-public personal information. IBN continues to assess new technology to evaluate its ability to provide additional protection of your personal information.

Disclosure of Personal Information. We only share non-public personal information with outside parties in the limited circumstances that are permitted by law. This includes third party organizations who may require access to your personal information in order to work on our behalf, which may include our clearing rm, data service providers, auditors, federal and state regulators and other third parties in response to possible legal processes.

Your personal information will be maintained during the time you are a client and for at least the minimum time required by federal and state securities laws. IBN will not disclose information to anyone unless required to do so by law or when you have provided us with your consent to do so.

Client Identifcation Program

To help the government’s efforts to ght the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the USA Patriot Act requires nancial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identi es each person who opens an account. If your identity cannot be verified we will be unable to open an account for you. If we have already opened an account for you we may have to close it. When you open an account, we are required to collect your name, date of birth, address, identi cation number (a taxpayer identification number for US citizens or, for non-US citizens without a taxpayer identi cation number, a passport number and country of issuance, alien identi cation number, or government-issued identification showing nationality, residence and a photograph of you). You may also need to show your driver’s license or other identifying documents.

IBN Contact Information. If you have questions regarding any of these disclosures, please contact us at 866.686.4007. We may modify these disclosures at any time. You may obtain a current copy of these disclosures by visiting our website at or upon request by contacting our home of ce at 805.277.4738.

Regulatory Contact Information

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regularly publishes investor education materials including an investor brochure containing information describing FINRA BrokerCheck. This information is available at or by calling the BrokerCheck hotline at 800.289.9999.

Business Continuity Plan Summary

Institutional Bond Network, LLC “IBN” has developed a detailed Business Continuity Plan that outlines how we will respond to events that signi cantly disrupt our business. If an event were to occur, we will make every reasonable effort to restore and maintain service levels as soon as possible. With that in mind, we are providing you with this summary of our Business Continuity Plan.

Details of our Business Continuity Plan. The details of our plan address emergency and key contacts, data backup and recovery, all mission critical systems, nancial and operational assessments, alternative communications with customers, employees and regulators, alternate physical location of employees, critical business constituents, banks and counterparty impact, regulatory reporting and assuring our customers prompt access to their funds and securities if we are unable to continue our business. Our Business Continuity Plan also includes the safeguarding of employees and property, making a financial and operational assessment, protecting the firm’s books and records, and information regarding how our customers will continue to transact business.